SD card DVR

Cheap 1 channel DVR with PTZ function Model: BD-207

This is a very simple 1 channel DVR works with micro sd memory. And it support fixed PTZ function.PTZ need to set baud rate for 9600, address 02, PTZ agreement, DVR with camera PTZ must consistent so it will be automatically rotating.

  • Details
>Frame: 8f/s-12f/s selectable
>Resolution: 640x480 352x288
>PTZ control: Support
>SD memory: Max.32GB
>Timestamp: Support
>Power: 12V

>Audio recording support


Item Data
Video resolution 640x480, 352x288
Memory type Micro sd card
Max. Memory 32GB
Compression MJPG
Power 12V
PTZ Baud rate 9600
Frame 8-12f/s