Why SD/HDD can not formatted by DVR?

Date: 2017-05-03

Click here to watching demo video about this question on Youtobe.

1. When you first time insert SD/HDD memory in DVR, DVR will detect it and try to format it. 

Attention: DO NOT format it manually. Just keep waiting till DVR formatting it automatically. 

2. DVR start formatting SD/HDD after about 10 seconds. 

    The time depends on memory capacity. The lager memory will need you to wait longer time for start formatting.

    For example, if you use a 32GB sd card, you just need to wait 10 seconds and then DVR will start formatting. But if you use a 1TB HDD memory with it, you may need to wait about 30-40 seconds and then DVR will start formatting. 

3. Formatting processing

4. After formatting finished, DVR will reboot automatically, just wait it reboot and start recording.