2 Video+1 Audio cables with all RCA connectors Model: RCA-01

All 6pcs RCA connectors, different length selectable.
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>Type:yellow rca video Cable 
>Application: DVR, PC, DVD, VCD 
>Braid Shielding 
>Nickel, gold plated Connector 
>BC TC CCS conductor

1. wire mode: 9/0.12BC* 3C + 9/0.12BC*3C
2. Insulation: Foamed PE
3. Connectors: Gold-plated
4. Conductors: Tinned copper,bare cooper
5. Jacket: 100P Bilayer friendly environment PVC 
6. Color: yellow, with Red and White line on the RCA handles
7. OD: 2.5*3mm